What is Watercooler Talk?

24/08/2011 14:55


So, it's just a watercooler, you usually race there and back to grab a glass of refreshing H20 between your pressing daily tasks at the office.

Halt now! 

Just a second, who else do you come across when you pass that way, would it hurt to pause a moment and see who else is thirsty? 

"What for?" You might wonder. How can anyone benefit from getting a glass of water and what would you say to all those strangers, who work somewhere in the building, anyway? 

Well, apart from developing rapport with people from other departments, it’s a great way to meet the inhabitants of the ‘faces’ that float by you in the hallways, elevators, stairways, canteen, lavatories and car parks of the space you all call work. 

What to say to all these strangers, is that what’s worrying you now? How about a neat; "Hello, how are you today?" 

From this magical acknowledgement of another’s existence, conversations will grow. Get ready to exercise your opinion, air your views, ask and answer questions on subjects you may never have contemplated before. Topics such as ergophobia, tsunamis, the 2012 doomsday scare, what motivates a terrorist, who will win the next World Cup or elections, what’s the current, hottest investment option, which is the best restaurant and movie on circuit, are a iot of the subjects you will need to comment on. 

Believe it or not, people are interested in YOU and what better place to give them a sample of your unique personality, capabilities and potential than to make them aware of your existence, in just a few moments a day – whilst indulging in watercooler talk.


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