What Coffee Lovers Should Know

19/08/2011 17:07

Coffee is a popular type of beverage. If you are a coffee lover, then you don’t want to be caught unprepared when trying to order a cup of coffee.

Some people prefer strong black coffee. They tend to opt for "an espresso". An espresso is strong black coffee made by forcing steam through coffee beans. It’s also the main ingredient in many other types of coffee. The "Americano", is a type of coffee made by pouring hot water into a shot of espresso. It can be very strong. 

For those who prefer milk in their coffee, then the "cappuccino" is a firm favourite. It consists of espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam. The cappuccino is similar to the "cafe latte" which consists of strong or bold coffee or espresso, mixed with scalded milk. 

Most types of coffee will also have a cold option. If you don’t like it hot then you can try "iced coffee". This simply refers to the cold variation of any hot type of coffee. 

Some people like to add a little alcohol in their coffee. These are referred to as "coffee liqueurs". One of the more popular of these is "Irish coffee" which is espresso combined with whiskey and cream. 

Remember, Coffee usually has caffeine but if you want a healthier option you can always ask for "decaf" (short for decaffeinated). 

Enjoy! ^^

Source : englishtown.com