Latihan dan Belajar bahasa Inggris

17/08/2011 15:39

Hello Hello~ *ala SHINee* :D
I'm back again :) I just give you some info to learn abaout english. I have some account in English Town. You can join to this group if you want. And you can invite me to be your friend. Gita Anggraheni is the name of my account. You can be fast to speak english because you can related by other people in the world, especially China. Because, i have many friend in China. You can add me and them in this site and make some conversation for making your English to be better again. Besides you can chat with other people, you can learn and do some test in this site. For more details of this site, you can join to this site and try for yourself. I'm sure you will love it and can understand more and be better in english. I'm sure that you can do that :) And~ I'm so sorry if my english is messy and you don't understand, I'm sorry~~ :)

Maaf ya! ^^
Bye bye~ :)