I don't know what must I say

24/12/2011 09:35

hello hello . . . *like SHINee*

hello everyone~ ^-^ i'm so surprised about the value of my report cards. I can't believe that I have first rank on my class. So thank full to my god, Allah. That make me so happy, sad, thrilled, until I can't say anything more. Uh, I'm so really really happy but sad too. I don't expect anything in this regard. Because from the beginning, I was thinking that I will not get the big three. But it was another Godwills. He gave me the first rank. I'm very very grateful. Thought I've pessimistic that I would fail. But I've tried that I would be able to enter the top three. I'm just resigned to the out come later. And it turns out, I actually got the first rank. So thankfull for everything. Turns out my efforts so far in the study was not vain. Many things I experienced in the learning process. Of starting trouble, fatigue, dizziness, and almost frustasi too. But because my friends are also always helpful and makes the atmosphere more cheerful, so the fatisue was turned into a joy that is hard to get of me. Thank you Indah, Ina, Dea, and also Fenti. I'm very grateful to you. And also I'm very happy to know and be friends with you all. thank you~ :)


Yah, just that what I say. I can't say anything again. I still don't believe that I get the first rank. But, I'm so thankful for that. Oke, see you on my next posting.

Byeeee~ ^_^