Dealing with Difficult Colleagues

29/08/2011 20:10


Whether you work in a big company or a small company, there is always the possibility that you’ll have a difficult colleague that you have to work with. Are you the type of person to 'let things slide' or are you the confrontational type? If you are the latter; you need to be tactful when approaching a colleague.

First of all: think about whether this person is actually targeting you or if they're having a 'continuous' 'bad day' and you just happen to be in the 'line of fire'. 

Is there a problem that directly involves you? Does it affect your work ability or work ethics? If not – then leave it alone. Don’t start trouble where a solution may never be found, except more troubles. If it is something that directly affects you; make a plan to speak to the person. 

If there are difficult colleagues you have to deal with everyday try and avoid them. Cut the negativity out so you don’t get pulled into their world toxicity. Cut your losses if need be. If for example it's an emotional colleague and there's something you can do to help – do it. Support or lack of it, is often when issues arise. 

If there is a way to avoid or prevent the problem DO IT. Prevention is always better than cure. Be in a company where everyone is polite and friendly to each other, where you’re recognised and appreciated by your colleagues. Treat your colleagues the way you want your colleagues to treat you.


NB : Sorry belum bisa translate, lagi bermasalah sama inet *bungkuk-bungkuk 90 derajar kaya orang jepang, haha*
Source : Enlish town